About Us

Heart’s Desire Landscaping LLC is a locally owned and family operated company. We pride ourselves on creating and maintaining beautiful custom landscapes for our customers. Our values are based upon honesty, professionalism, customer service, and premium landscape design and care.  Since our company was founded it has been important to us to train and hire a staff that is experienced and knowledgeable about landscaping needs. Heart’s Desire Landscaping LLC prides itself on being a personalized company where our staff makes themselves available to you for all your questions, needs, and concerns.


aaron and boys 2 Aaron Riley is the founder of Heart’s Desire Landscaping LLC.  Aaron was born and raised in the Carson City area. From a very early age Aaron had a desire to be working outside, even begging his parents to mow the lawn. Aaron quickly became known around his neighborhood and started to make money providing lawn mowing services.  As Aaron grew older so did his desire to work in the landscaping industry. Aaron has been doing landscaping for well over 16 years.  Aaron brings Christian values and a wide variety of landscaping experience to his business. Aaron is a family man who puts his values into how he conducts business. Aaron believes in providing his customers with optimum service, and prides himself on being available to his clients. Aaron has a personalized and hands on approach with all of his accounts.